Fashion in Motion with MANGO & Kate Moss

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Fashion in Motion with MANGO & Kate Moss

Victoria s Secret racer back top
$18 -

Mango loose pants
£43 -

Wedge heel shoes

Felix Rey silk shawl
$165 -

Mango retro shades
£20 -

Key Items


  1. E - I definitely like these items! My favorites are the wedge heels and the pants since they complement each other nicely. I would really love to wear them!

    Thanks for the fashion updates. I think it's great that we can get the newest info from a teenage girl herself. Keep blogging! ;)

  2. White must really be in this season! I've seen so many people wear white bottoms! I have a pair of white shorts. :D The letter is a shawl? That's an interesting design. I'm loving the fashion updates!


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