Fashion and Eating Disorders

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   In the fall, I had an school assignment in which I had to choose a controversial topic and write a long essay on the topic. As I am very passionate about fashion, and increasingly worried about it's negative effects, I chose to write about the connection between fashion and girl's self image. Namely, the effects of fashion on self esteem, eating disorders as well as negative body image.
   Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, recently made a speech at Harvard University about the same issue. She posted the speech in its entirety on her blog for Vogue Italia. Look at it if you have the chance.
    I must applaud that someone so closely tied into the fashion industry would make a speech as accusing as it is towards the industry itself. However, to raise awareness, something had to be done, and Sozzani's speech was the perfect start. I truly hope that more designers and runway show coordinators will start to take extreme thinness into consideration while casting model for their shows.
   If there is any interest, I can post my essay for people to find out more about such a terrible negative effect of the fashion industry (and, may I add, not only the fashion industry).
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  1. The topic of eating disorders is very important to point out, especially in today's world with many underweight models striving to become skinnier and skinnier. I think eating disorders are often overlooked, and they have become more of a problem with media and advertising. Now that Franca Sozzani has spoken her mind, I hope that more people will be aware of eating disorders and understand that it is unhealthy to be too thin.

    It is great that you have alerted your readers of one of fashion's biggest negative effects, especially since your blog is for teenagers. If you wouldn't mind, I actually would be interested in reading your essay to find out more about eating disorders.

    Thanks and keep blogging! :)


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