My First Day Back at F.I.T!

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       It was my first day back at F.I.T since the fall, and I was soooo soooo soooo excited. I took two three hour classes, Fashion Cycle and Fashion Merchandising and Trend-Spotting. Both were so amazing and I am already wishing it was next Saturday.
       For Fashion Cycle, I had Professor Sonia Battista, who I have had once before. She is so kind and helpful, and she works with everyone individually to make their idea the best it can be. Today we dove right into work on our 4 week long project. The project is to make an inspiration board with the mood and actual inspiration for your designs, then a color scheme and details that you will use in your designs to show your inspiration. Then later we will work on our designs. Currently, I am keeping my idea a secret, just because I want mine done before anyone else takes the idea... Sorry, that's how I am.
      Anyway, we got right to work, thinking of inspiration. Once our inspiration was approved we got out our magazines  that we brought to class and started finding pictures that represented the mood and inspiration for our designs. Even though it seemed like it wouldn't be very hard when Professor Battista was explaining it, it was. Eventually mine got approved and I moved on to color. I have most of my colors, I just need to find a more saturated pastel pink to complete my color scheme. I am SO SO SO excited for the next class. I already feel like I learned so much.
        My second class was Fashion Merchandising and Trend-Spotting with Professor Trina Morris. She is already such an inspiration to me. Instead of just going with whatever career choice was easiest for her, she chose a career that suits her personality and what she loves to do. Professor Morris is currently CEO of her own PR firm, Style Roots Inc, out of Brooklyn, NY. She is also a yogi (yoga instructor) and is a professor at F.I.T and the Art Institute of New York. The fact that she is doing everything she wants to do and is so happy with her choices really made me confident in the fact that I really love fashion and want to have a career in fashion as well.
        During the class, we made our own "Personal Trend Forecast" about ourselves. We made three columns on a normal sheet of paper, and titled each column in this order: About Me, Talents + Skills, Hobbies + Wishes. In the "About Me" column we wrote character traits, our opinions, preferences and whatever else about ourselves that came to mind. In the "Talents + Skills" column we wrote whatever natural talents + skills or learned talents + skills that we have. In the "Hobbies + Wishes column we wrote about our hobbies and things we wish we could do. At the end of the exercise Professor Morris told us that certain things could change over times, like hobbies or wishes, but if you do multiple and then look back, there are certain core things that never change about you. Those are your core traits, the things that you should never change because they represent who you are. She also told us that by looking at the "Personal Trend Forecast" we can see what types of jobs we would be good at based on our skills and personalities. This is really such a helpful exercise that everyone should do!
        Also during the class we discussed currents spring trends. Did you know that trends are planned one to two years in advance? Fashion forecasters are very good at what they do. Some of the trends we discussed were: neon, pastels (ice cream/sorbet colors), statement necklaces, lace, short shorts, preppy style, jumpsuits/rompers as well as graphic patterns. All of those were predicted to be on trend now about two years ago, and they actually are! It is so interesting how that works, I can't wait to learn more.
        I know that was a lot, but I needed to talk about how much I love it and everything we did. Shout out to my teachers, Professor Battista and Professor Morris! You guys are SO great, I can't wait to have class with you next week.

Yours in Fashion,


  1. its funny how people can predict trends over a year before but at the same time its amazzin!! i wish i had those kind of skills
    glad u had funn!
    -one of ur best friennddss<33

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