Obsession: Guys Basketball Shoes

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     I must confess that I have an absolute obsession with guys basketball sneakers. They are on every guy in my school nowadays, and I just can't help but analyze them just like I would any other clothing. Some guys have boring all grey or black and white sneakers and I just can't stand that! Grey and black and white shouldn't be the choice when there are so many colorful shoes that work just as well for actually playing basketball. To guide the grey-and-black-and-white-basketball-shoe-wearing guys of the world, I have come up with a bunch of basketball shoes that are good quality AND so impressive. Yeah, that's right, I'm impressed by a guy's choice of basketball shoes. It's honestly about the only fashion choice they really make, so if they are good shoes, (and colorful) I'm sold. The following are all Nike or Adidas...

    Don't you just LOVE these?! I know I do! If you have any shoes to add, or any comments on my choices, please let me know!

Yours in Fashion (and basketball shoes!),

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