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Dear Everyone,
   I have realized that recently my blog has turned into a huge list of high fashion clothing that I can only dream of owning at this point in my life. Without knowing me personally, a lot of people could probably take me as a rich teenage snob from suburbia who buys thousand dollar dresses as presents to herself. That's not me at all. On the contrary, I am that girl who gets so so so so excited to find a great steal at a lower-priced retailer. I still must apologize for any miscommunications of that matter that might have come through some of my posts. Although I have aspirations to own, live in and design high fashion, I am just a teenager who isn't even close. 
        From now on, I just want everyone to know that my Polyvore sets titled "Best Of" for different designers are not anything I own or expect any of my readers to own. Those sets are just my way of showing the items I currently love by certain high fashion designers. 
        In addition, starting by the end of this week I am going to be showcasing a piece of clothing from a lower-priced retailer such as Express and H&M. My goal is to post a new item every week. The point of this is to show how awesome stores like Express and H&M are, and to showcase some of their greatest pieces. Hope you enjoy.

Please forgive me everyone. I really didn't mean to sound like a snob and I hope you understand where I was coming from. Thanks :)

Yours in Apologies,

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