My Birthday Trip... A Month Late

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So basically, I went to NYC for my birthday exactly a month ago. Only now I am getting around to posting pics from my amazing day! Enjoy.
Sample sale for Nanette Lepore, first stop of the day.

I bought these!

Going on the subway! This is when it got epic... Subway surfing!
"No hands! See!"

Joe Fresh has a bazillion of colors of everything!

The inside of Joe Fresh looks so fresh. (Pun intended)

I loved these shoes, but they only came in 8s and 9s. Having teeny
size 7 feet,  I was forced to put them back in their place on the rack.

I haven't gone to the exhibit yet, but I sat on the steps of the Met
and ate lunch just to have my own Gossip Girl moment.

This is the BEST picture of Madison Ave ever! I loved seeing all
the people and cabs hurrying about from my perch on the steps.
I pretended this was my birthday present... Too bad I'm not old
enough to drive! Isn't it a fantastic car though?

Of course, I couldn't resist going into Intermix and
trying on a real Herve Leger dress. It fit amazingly,
but sadly, I can't afford a $1,200 dress.

The legendary Vera Wang Bridal Shop!

Such a gorgeous wedding dress! I love wedding dresses!

We went to Serendipity 3 and I got to sit at the same table that
John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale sat at in the movie Serendipity.
I got the legendary frozen hot chocolate and two scoops of ice cream:
strawberry and mint, with whipped cream on top. YUM!
Awww it's all gone! Yeah, that's right, I ate it all by myself!
(Just kidding, my mom ate some too)
We went to Lombardi's for dinner, and it's the yummiest place in
the whole entire island of Manhattan. I got yummy italian soda with
whipped cream on top.

And this, of course, is Lombardi's margarita pizza. Lombardi's
is said to have been the first pizza place in Manhattan.

There is my birthday in pictures! Hope you enjoyed.
Yours in Fashion,

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  1. Sounds really fun! Glad you had a good time!

    And wow...if only the amazing Herve Leger dress was affordable...


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