The First Week was Fantastic!

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I have to say, I am absolutely in love with F.I.T if I wasn't before. From the subject matter to the teachers, my two classes are absolutely amazing. I have already learned so much about designers and the history of fashion in my Anatomy of Fashion class. As for my drawing skills, I personally think they have greatly improved in only 4 days. For that class we are going to be making a journal with all of our inspiration, a made up client page, and pages for designers A-Z. My second class is going great as well. My professor works very quickly, and within four days we have finished patterns for a camisole, a bandeau and a circle skirt. I love patternmaking and draping and I can't wait to start sewing.

So here I am, off to FIT again this morning and I have never been happier to wake up at 6:30.
Yours in Fashion,

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