Fashion Week: Almost Here!

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   Fashion Week is almost here! In less just a day, New York City will be filled to the brim with fashion icons, bloggers, stylists, editors, celebrities, and socialites; all there to see the runway shows. Along with Fashion Week comes a lot of responsibility for many, especially bloggers. With there being 11+ shows every day, bloggers have to work hard to make sure they cover all the ones they want to in a timely manner. That way the readers get their shows, the bloggers get their posts, and everyone's happy right? Right.
   There is another little factor in my fashion week schedule... School! Fashion Week and my school have decided to start on the same day to make things more complicated for me. I have a plan of attack, and everyone will be happy (including my teachers). Hopefully you all will be happy with the shows I cover. Click for the schedule here and tell me in the comments what shows you would like to see covered. Can't promise anything, but I'll try!

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