Style Icons: Teen Edition

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When I hear the phrase style icon, my brain always goes to the stylish people my age. Teenagers. Contrary to what many may think, teens can have a very good sense of style when given the right direction. And these teens? Well, they all have a pretty good track record as far as style goes. Here are my Top 4 teenagers for style.

Harry Brant (16) and Peter Brant II (18)- known for their love of fashion, these two brothers are the sons of businessman and art collector Peter Brant I and the famous model Stephanie Seymour. They are frequently seen at both New York and Paris Fashion Week and always look amazing!

Peter, Harry
Harry, Peter
Harry, Peter

Ariel Winter (14)- Plays Alex Dunphey on Modern Family. While known on tv as the smart girl who doesn't pay much attention to her clothes, on the red carpet she is GORGEOUS. [not saying she isn't on tv] This girl has serious talent and style. Look out for her!

Kylie Jenner (15)- The youngest member of the Kardashian family, and she has the personality and style to sit right up front with the best of them. Kylie is a west coast fashion contributor for Seventeen Magazine with her older sister Kylie. Love her, love her style.

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