Thanks a Lot (NOT) Hurricane Sandy

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It is a truly terrifying feeling to be in the middle of a hurricane. Sitting in my pitch black living room on Monday night, I could only hope that everyone I love was safe inside and would be okay. Gusts of wind could be heard coming closer in accordance to the amount of noise outside and then *BOOM* the wind would hit the house. The windows rattled and the trees bent over. In moments of silence, you could hear transformers (the boxes of electricity on electric poles) bursting with a definitive gun-like sound. I woke to see the majority of the fence around my yard on the ground and a big tree behind our house fallen down. The devastation in our town was large -and most of the town still has no power. After 4 days of no electricity or Internet, I left to bask in a wonderful thing called central heating.

No thanks to you Hurricane Sandy, I now have the ability to blog again.

Yours in Heat,

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