A Bit of A Rut

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       I have been in a bit of a rut lately, in both blogging and social terms. Blame it on schoolwork, getting (almost) high honor roll the first semester of high school is tough business. But really, I have to stop making excuses. Promising my parents to put schoolwork first is one thing, but I shouldn't be wasting my time being lazy (even though I really want to) because at the end of the day, this blog is what I want to be doing and is what I should be doing. This December, starting today, I am going to post something every single day even if it has to be at 6am or 11pm. I'm going to do it because I love writing about fashion and I love writing for people my age, and feeling like you understand me and my views.
      Here's my early New Years/Christmahanakwanzica resolution: I'm going to post everyday because I want to, and I hope I get a few more people to stick around to see what I write. OR you could follow me on twitter @EHfashblogger (shameless self-advertising).

Yours in a Rut,

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