How to Look The Best in Ski Attire

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Everyone who skis or snowboards knows that it is impossible to look attractive in skiing or snowboarding clothes. That's not to say that you can't look cool, because you most definitely can.

All experienced skiers or snowboarders know that the time to look really attractive is after you are done skiing, but still at the lodge. The term for this is apres-ski, which means after ski in french. Apres-ski is the time to get a bit more fashionable. Don your favorite sweats and boots, or favorite oversized sweater to complete the "I just finished a long day of exercise but I still have time to look good" look.

Warning: Don't be that person. You know what person I'm talking about. I'm talking about the person who puts on a whole new (expensive and fancy) outfit just to go to the lounge at the ski lodge and also happens to coat a ton of makeup on and re-curl their hair. PLEASE, PLEASE don't be her.

Warning aside, I think that you all are going to look great on the slopes this winter. Have fun and enjoy the wonderful snow!

Yours in Fashion,

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