The Science of Finding the Perfect Bag

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It's quite simple actually, finding the perfect bag. See, there is a top secret formula to guarantee buying success.

What size do you need/want? 

+ what color would you use most? 

+ any specifics that it needs to have? 

=Your Perfect Bag

What size do you want/need?

    This is a crucial part of the decision process. If you have all clutches, the likelihood of needing another is very low. Do you need a bag to carry a laptop? Then it has to be larger and very sturdy. Need just a standard size, for a phone and a wallet? A shoulder bag or saddle bag will do. Make sure you consider your needs so that you don't buy something you won't use.

What color do you want?

   This is just a matter of preference really. Think about what color you want, and look for it! Although, don't get some crazy color if you know that you will never be able to wear it.

Any specifics?

This is just whether or not you want that zip pocket for your phone, the separate section for your tablet or the internal cosmetic case. It's all a matter of needs.

Add all these ideas together, and then head to a department store to search out a bag with everything you need!

Good luck on the hunt!

Yours in Fashion,

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