Amazing Experience at NYFW

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Stylish street styles, remarkable runways, perfect presentations and fantastic photographers made up my experience at New York Fashion Week.

(Yes, the alliteration was absolutely necessary.)

As this past NYFW was my first time going, I was unsure going in about what to wear and who to talk to and how to act and where to go. Honestly, I still don't know exactly how to act, but I'm getting there. One step at a time.

This year, I went to Candela, Christian Siriano and Lela Rose. I couldn't make Susan Woo and Mathieu Miriano (even though I was invited), because I had school and I wasn't allowed to miss two more days.

I hope that in September I get the same opportunities, and hopefully my parents will let me miss a few more days of school to go to shows!

Blogging has been such a great thing for me, and I am so happy I started TFFS when I did. You all, my readers, have given me the driving force to keep writing about what I love and keep working towards my goals. The fact that I was invited to these runway shows and presentations, it's all because of you fantastic people who come back and read and enjoy what I write. So, basically, thanks for reading and thanks for supporting me and giving me this opportunity. THANKS!

Yours in Fashion,

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