Captivating New Fashion Apps!

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With technology being what it is today, using apps is a daily part of our lives. Whether it is on a phone, tablet or computer, we all have our favorites and they can get really addicting. Lately, there have been a lot of great fashion apps released, and I wanted to show you guys some of my favorites right now.


Want. Need. Love. Wanelo.
Full of random clothes and other products that you would never find any way other than the Internet or an app, Wanelo has everything that you didn't know you needed until you saw it a minute ago. You can create different collections on your profile and save items in the different collections as you see fit. My favorite part of this app are the sassy t-shirts that are around every corner.
Addiction to Wanelo is completely possible and highly likely. Do not download right before bed, as you will never fall asleep with the new app sitting on your phone.


The legit fashion instagram. 
Trendabl is a diamond under a pile of coal, not yet discovered by most, but there nonetheless. On Trendabl, users can follow different people and "heart" or comment on their outfit posts. Each picture can also be saved into categories depending on what type of clothing is featured (which also makes it a handy shopping tool).
Also Great For...
Outfit Inspiration! Instead of heading over to Instagram and going through your feed to find a rare outfit post, go into Trendabl and find an outfit that inspires you right away.

                                                          Only On iPhone     


Shopping and Social Networking in One
On Pose, users post outfit pictures the same way they would on Instagram or Trendabl. However, the poster can tag the items of clothing and write what it is and what brand it is. This way, other users can easily find items that they love! Pictures are able to be commented on, "hearted", shared and saved.

Have fun with these apps and try not to get (too) addicted!
Yours in Fashion,

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