Kendall & Kylie X PacSun

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I love Kendall and Kylie Jenner. I really do. They are such prominent fashion icons, known for their family and their reality show mainly, yet they still seem so down to earth and real. Still in their teenage years, they have had so many fantastic experiences (like being west coast contributors to Seventeen mag). I really respect their creativity and playfulness with their style, because it must be hard to do when you know you can be criticized on a global level. 

All girl-crushes aside, this collection is very trendy, yet still seems to hone in on individual style. Looking at the collection piece by piece, I can see how the items could either be edgy or feminine or sexy depending on what you choose to wear it with.

My favorite 2 things of the collection: the
circle sunglasses and the fringe scarf.

My concern with this collection is that most of the items are things that I have seen other places. Worst off, there are pieces that almost the same exact thing is available by a different brand at PacSun as well. The thing about this that worries me is that it makes me think that the higher prices over the other PacSun merchandise isn't for a better manufacturer or better fabric, but for the name. Yes, the name. Let me show you what I mean.

These two sunglasses are each $14.50 OR you can buy them both for only $20. However, one pair of the Kendall & Kylie sunglasses is $24.50. It is a $10 difference, but how much can the materials really be?

While the Kendall & Kylie shirt has an ombre bleach, would you want to pay $19.13 extra for that? Since they are both button up denim shirts with the same structure and same number of pockets, the ombre bleaching is essentially the only thing different.

These shorts, at least to me, look exactly alike. Same four buttons, same two pockets, same two belt loops, same bleached color, same frayed edges and distressed look. The price difference though? $13.

After looking at all those similarities, do you see what I mean? Personally, I would buy the cheaper one, because having the Kendall & Kylie tag on it doesn't matter to me. That tag matters to a lot of people, and I want to know: Does that tag matter to you, and would you pay that extra $13 for it?

Yours in Fashion, 

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