Obsessed (Model Edition): Karlie Kloss

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Karlie Kloss. She went from an unknown, undiscovered 13 year old to a household name in just a few years. From her 12 international Vogue covers to her smoldering runway walk, she truly is a supermodel.

At the very beginning of this year, Karlie cut her hair in what was to become "the cut of the year". It has been called the Chop and the Karlie, but no matter what the name is, it looks stunning on her.

From her discovery in 2005 till now, Karlie has been exposed to so many incredible designers, clothes and icons that have (I'm assuming here) helped mold her everyday style into something that is worth taking hundreds of pictures of. 

I first heard of Karlie Kloss when she was on the cover of Teen Vogue for her second time, and then later I realized that she had been on the cover once before as well.

Here is an interview with Karlie from four years ago when she had just started in modeling (but was already so amazingly successful.

And this is just a long compilation of a bunch of her walks on runways, which I have to say is amazing. Her walk just stands out from everyone else's, she has more of a bounce in her step. 

Ok, so I don't know about you all, but I'm definitely girl-crushing on Karlie Kloss too. Let me know!

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  1. I love Karlie Kloss, she's one of my favorite models. I noticed that she was the new 'it' girl, because was on almost every runway. I love seeing her on the runway for Victoria's Secret & Elie Saab!



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