Interview with Gina DiDomenico

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This past week, I had the opportunity to interview Gina DiDomenico, a Junior Account Executive at Paul Wilmot Communications. PWC is a PR firm that represents many brands, from DKNY to Reem Acra. Read the interview to learn more about her career and how she got into the PR world.

On Her Career:

1.     What college did you go to and what did you major in?
Bucknell University; International Relations and English Major (Concentration in Creative Writing)

2.     Did you always want to work in PR, or did you want to do something else? 
I never knew exactly what I wanted to do professionally!  Through internships, I figured out what I definitely don’t want to do.  I am so thrilled to be working in PR.  Like with any job, there are both good and bad days, but overall it has been a really positive, fun experience.

3.     If you wanted to do something else, what was it? 
 If I didn’t work in fashion, I think I’d like to pursue a job in foreign relations.  Politics and international affairs have always interested me.  Other cultures and governments really are fascinating to me…

4.     What does it mean to be a Junior Account Executive?
Titles vary depending on the PR agency, but working as a Jr. AE at PWC allows me to be involved in both editorial product placement, as well as bigger picture stories.

5.     How did you end up at Paul Wilmot Communications? 
I actually went to Bucknell with another PWC employee.  She ironically was my “g-mom” in my sorority.  When a position opened up at the company, she passed along my resume, and the rest is history!

6.     What brands and designers does Paul Wilmot Communications represent? 
PWC represents a huge range of clients, from beauty and fashion brands to artists and even a personal trainer.  (You can check out for a complete client roster…).  I personally work on Parmigiani Fleurier, Carolee, and Charlotte Olympia.

7.     What other jobs did you have before your current one? 
I actually started working at PWC as an intern and been here ever since. I guess technically this has been my only job, but my role at the company has changed a great deal over time. 

8.     Did you have internships in college/high school?
Yes, I interned during summers throughout college and recommend that every college student do the same.  Interning is a truly invaluable experience.  At the time I would have preferred laying on the beach over summer vacation, but in retrospect I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  Of course I spent some days shredding paper and making copies, but I learned at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole that my work would one day pay off.  My internships helped me become the person, the employee I am today.  I learned a lot about who I am and who I want to be, what makes me happy (and what doesn’t).  If nothing else, interning can at least help pinpoint those career paths that aren’t a good fit.

9.     If you did, do you think they are very important for pursuing a career in PR?
Yes, absolutely!  As I mentioned, I started working as an intern at PWC.  My internship is the reason I was hired.  It gave me the opportunity to prove myself in a work environment.

10. What suggestions would you give to teens in high school for the future (i.e. college, internships, jobs, etc.)?
Work hard, intern, and meet as many people as possible.  Relationships are so critical in the business world.  More often than not, who you know is more important than what you know.

On Fashion:

1.     Do you have a favorite store or brand?
In terms of stores, I love shopping at Intermix.  It’s more intimate than a department store but carries a nice variety of (incredible) brands, including Helmut Lang, which is one of my favorite RTW brands.  I am lucky enough to work on one of my favorite accessories brands, Charlotte Olympia.  Working on the account, getting to know the people behind the brand, and appreciating the product day in and day out has only made me more obsessed.

2.     Is there any current trend that you really love? 
I love the Lucite trend.  I’m also really into black & white and graphic prints.

 3.     How do you personally dress professional for work while still looking stylish? Any tips? 
PWC is relatively laid back in terms of dress code.  While we can’t wear jeans every day, suits are not required or encouraged :)  I love wearing wedges to work.  They are way more comfortable than (most) heels, and they give the illusion of heels—If I have that height, I immediately feel more put together.

4.     Do you have any tips for dressing for interviews? 
Wear something you feel confident and comfortable in.  Confidence is so important in interviews!  If you’re unsure of yourself, a potential employer might sense that doubt.  Don’t give them a reason to question your capabilities. 

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