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(urban dict. def) - Someone who is an outcast or doesn't fit in, and refuses to adjust to the normal life; someone who creates, inspires and disrupts

MSFTS is a clothing line designed by Jaden Smith, named after his group of friends. This little "clique" and brand has evolved into so much more. The MSFTS stand for everything a teenager is, and what their role is in society. MSFTS is about making what you want to happen happen, fighting for your dreams, and working for change if you don't life the way things are. 

The Clothes-

 (From top, left to right) - MSFTSrep Pullover Hoodie, MSFTSrep Call Pullover Hoodie, MSFTSrep Tee, MSFTSrep Button Down, MSFTSrep Jogger Pants, MSFTSrep Extended Tank, MSFTSrep Jogger Shorts, MSFTSrep Tank, MSFTSrep Baseball Raglan Tee, MSFTSrep LOVE tee

The People-

Started by Jaden Smith, MSFTS has an eclectic group of actors, singers, reality stars and just normal everyday people. 

Jaden Smith, founder

Moises Arias, Jaden Smith, Mateo Arias

Mateo Arias                                         Moises Arias

Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanikolaou

Kylie Jenner

Pia Mia Perez

Sophia Richie

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