PacSun SoHo Pop-Up Shop

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling down to SoHo to visit the PacSun Pop-Up Shop. The store itself was so cool, because it looked like it had taken a long time to set up. Honestly, I was overwhelmed at the size and the extreme neatness of the store. It was very clean and put together. The decorations in the store were very reflective of the California beach vibe represented by the PacSun brand.

In the store itself, there were so many amazing clothes that I almost went into shock. There were specific sections for the Kendall & Kylie Collection and the Brandy Melville clothes that are now being sold in the PacSun Pop-Up Shop. 

This video shows how the PacSun pop-up shop in Soho was set up, in the form of a time lapse. I personally found it really interesting that such a great store could be set up so quickly.

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