Fall/Winter 2013 Trends

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These are my trend forecasts for Fall and Winter of this year.


For Fall and Winter, long sleeves are clearly in order, in addition to sweatshirts, sweaters, and flannels. (Cold, anyone?)

The fuzzier, cozier and warmer these are, the better they are. The fantastic thing about this season, is that oversized tops are in. In my personal experience, this makes waking up and going to school at 7am so much easier.

All personal opinions aside, the patterns and graphics on the tops this season are words or logos or cool designs. Of course, there is still the typical plaids, stripes and fair isle prints.


The dresses this season are super varied, and it's not easy to find any one or two distinct trends. My suggestion for this season in terms of color would be to go towards the jewel tones or basic blacks. Look out for cute graphic prints, patterns and textures. 


From anorak jackets to furs to leather to oversized dress coats, this season in jackets gives a wide variety of options.

For dressier jackets, the more oversized and boxy they are, the better. An androgynous look makes the coats universal, and the oversized effect makes layering during the cold winter a lot easier.

Anorak jackets (the green semi-puffy coat with the furry hood) are one of my favorite things being sold this season. I have a weakness for nice, dressier jackets, and every winter I find myself at a loss for what kind of casual jacket to get. The combination of the material, warmth and the fur on the hood makes it the perfect warm casual jacket for winter.

Finally, leather and fur, as per winter usual, are in this season. Personally, I would suggest faux fur if you don't want to be targeted by PETA. I kid, I kid. 


Midi rings are my savior. I say this because, as a member of the fat finger clan, they don't give me the same finger muffin top that normal rings do. As the newest type of jewelry to go big in today's market, there are many styles and colors already being sold.

In addition, stackable bracelets, statement necklaces, and stud earrings are big.


Neutrals and jewel tones. Neutrals and jewel tones. Neutrals and jewel tones.

It's my new mantra every time I walk into a store lately, to make sure that I purchase items that will last me the season, rather than hiding in color shame in the back of my closet. The best thing about the colors for this fall, is that they are in almost every fall and winter, which makes any investment piece bought in these colors (almost) guaranteed for lifetime use.

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