All About Festival Fashion

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From Coachella, to Governor's Ball to SXSM to Ultra, music festivals from coast to coast bring out hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic aficionados from around the world. Naturally, such a varied set of people brings interesting styles and trends.

After the popularization of these festivals over the past few years, more and more street style photographers and fashion icons have been going to these events. Even stores have been noticing, including Forever 21, Nasty Gal, and Asos.  To gain from this bandwagon trend, they have started launching festival collections/shops with some specific trends from the festivals.

In my four outfits, I've displayed some of my favorite trends from festivals this past year. These trends have influenced the increasing popularity of many styles this spring. 

So what should you look for in stores?
1) combat boots, graphic tees, slouch backpacks, interesting materials for shorts
2) crop tops, midi rings, flower headbands, chunky jewelry, docs, heart sunglasses
3) patterned shorts, floral prints, circle sunglasses, cute flats, wide brim hats
4) overalls, converse, and comic inspired prints 

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