Diamond Capital of the World

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Antwerp is considered the diamond capital of the world, and I can only sigh happily in agreement with that statement. Never before have I seen so many jewelry and gemstones in one place. I got the opportunity to visit a custom jeweler while I was there, and saw most of the process as to how customers choose their pieces. First, you decide the general type of jewelry you would like, ie necklace, earrings, ring. Then you can go through catalogues and look at different settings to find the ideal design for what you want. And then, you get to choose and see the different diamonds or gemstones you want placed in that specialized piece. 

The jewelers we visited were fantastic, and they were kind enough to allow me to hold (HOLD!!!) some of the more incredible gems they had. If I'm being honest, it was a truly awe-inspiring moment, holding on my hand a 5 carat diamond. Worth over $150,000. Just to make the insanity entirely clear, that is a diamond which has the value of a decent house or a really really nice car. Yeah. That. Personally, I liked the square cut of the second diamond the best out of all the cuts, just for the angles and the way it caught the light. Seeing the sapphire was really interesting, since they have a different opacity and normal cut than a diamond would.

5 whole carats of perfection. It's hard to see the lines of the cut as a result of how sparkly it was.

My favorite of the three. The size wasn't too overwhelming, and the cut was stunning.

Ahhhhhhhhh sapphires are stunning even without a complicated cut.

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