One Week... And Nothing Has Been Heard?

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     Today is a very special day (not really) as it marks the one week mark until the Jason Wu collaboration line with Target is released. I mentioned the whole line in an earlier post, but celebrating this amazing collaboration is not the point anymore.
    It has been heard by multiple sources that they are releasing the Jason Wu line in less stores than the Missoni line. That is one thing I absolutely don't understand, considering the Missoni line was disgraceful, for lack of a better term. On the other hand, the Jason Wu line is so sophisticated and tasteful... So why would it be released in less stores? Doesn't that just guarantee less revenue for Target from the line?
      Personally, the thing that bothers me is that nothing has been released about where the line is launching. Will stores open early for the launch? What stores are participating in the Jason Wu line? When is it launching online? Only ONE WEEK left and no one has heard a thing.
      So, I have a little shout out to Target:
     Once I know, I will tell you what's going down.
               Fondly Yours,

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