My Shopping Trip!

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I had spring break this past week, so obviously I had to go shopping one day! I went to a huge outlet mall, which has almost all outlet stores. For those who don't know, outlet stores have older clothes or styles, but they are alway so much cheaper! I'm all for that, being a teenager trying to stretch out my money as much as I can. Most of you can probably relate. :)

This is a shirt I got at H&M. I LOVE to travel,
so this shirt is so exciting for me!
This is the same shirt, just hanging up.
The hanger appeal is always important in a shirt.

This jacket was also from H&M, and it was
on Fashion Star last Tuesday. 
This is the same jacket, laying out so all
the seaming and lines are visible.

This is a dress I got at H&M. I
love its high collar and shape.

This is the pattern of lace that covers
the whole dress. Another thing I love!

I got these shorts at American Eagle (the
outlet store). I really like these because I
can wear them places I can't wear normal shorts.
This is the back of the shorts. I really like
the seams and the way they are cut, because
they still look formal even though they are short.

These are lavender jeans from American
Eagle (the outlet store). 
The back/side view of the lavender
jeans.... I love them sooo much!

So, that was my shopping trip, in clothes form. It was so much fun, especially hanging with one of my best friends! Leave any comments or questions on the clothes below!

Yours in Fashion,


  1. I love American Eagle! I still have to post my spring break haul! :D You got some really nice clothes!

  2. Awesome clothes...I especially like the H&M dress and the lavender jeans! :)

  3. UR AMAZING n im sorta in luv w/ ur dressssss
    o n i hav the same fashion star blazer.......LUV IT

    -one of ur best friendssss;)


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