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    Yes, that's right, "preppywear". I have officially decided that it should be a type of clothing all by itself, like activewear and menswear. Lately, most have been going to the preppy look, whether in details on clothing or a full out look. I personally love "preppywear" because of how sophisticated it looks when generally it is so easy to wear and pull off. For example, the polo shirt. They are generally made of cotton, a soft, comfortable, well-fitting and attractive fabric. And just wearing a polo shirt immediately gives you a preppy look.
   I wish there were more people who wore preppywear so I decided that I could help! Take a look at some of these ads with preppywear and expect some polyvore sets of preppywear to come.

Aren't these all so great?! I love them. 
PSA: Start using the word "preppywear"! If enough people use it maybe we can get it to be an official term in fashion! That would be so cool!
Yours in Fashion,


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  2. Ooh preppywear...that's a cool fashion term!
    <3 your blog!


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