Oh, The Last Days of School...

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Everyone knows the last few weeks of school are the toughest, it's just never recognized until the last few weeks are here. Why is it tough? It's almost over!

1) Teachers don't get everything done that they need to.
2) Wrap-up projects are every teacher's favorite thing for the end of the year.
3) Teachers need something to keep kids focused on schoolwork till the last minute.

So, here's the thing. I have 2 days of mega-important finals next week, as well as 3 projects due. Let's face it, I will be spending every waking second in school, or working for school. So, I guess I'll talk to you when I'm done or in every teeny spare moment (the few I might find).

Yours (buried) in Tons of Work,


  1. I totally understand! I've been trying to do guest posts so that I don't have to write any posts but I can still provide my followers with fresh posts. I hate these last minute tests and projects!


  2. We're fans of you blog over at SociablyStyled! You have a great fresh take on things. It's refreshing. :)

    We just launched our Facebook site and would love for you swing by and see what were about. We allow you to share your wonderful sense of style with your friends and blog fans.

    Ask me questions if you're more curious about anything... ana@sociablestyled.com


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