The F.I.T Project

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    Starting July 9th, I am taking High School Precollege classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I am taking two classes, Anatomy of Fashion and Manual Patternmaking and Sewing. Anatomy of Fashion is taught by Professor Christopher Uvenio, who has major industry cred (credentials). I am so so excited to meet him and learn from him. The class is going to be a lot of history of the industry and designers as well as sketching and such. It sounds so amazing I can't wait. My second class, Manual Patternmaking and Sewing, is taught by Professor Luz Pascal, who sounds like an amazing person and teacher. I am so happy that I will get to learn from her, many people say she is the greatest. That class will teach me the basics of patternmaking, draping and sewing. Not having any experience, to say I'm filled to the brim with excitement would be and understatement.
      To show how excited I am, I have formulated the F.I.T project. Everyday of my classes, I will post a picture my outfit in the morning. A lot of thought goes into them, as I want to impress my professors and all the other incredibly stylish people around me everyday I am there. Throughout the day, I am going to try to take as many pictures as possible. Not sure of what exactly, but some things would be my projects I'm working on, things I do, street style or anything else that inspires me. If I get enough pictures by the end of the day, I will post them, as a little picture diary of my (hopefully amazing) day at F.I.T. Finally, at the end of each week (there are three) I aim to write a fairly long post about everything I learned that week, what I did in class, my professors and new friends. I am so so so so so so so so so so so so excited! Only 6 more days, then the F.I.T Project is set into action!

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