Great Shirts from Delia's!

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Delia's is a newer store with a talent for choosing things that appeal to a teenage audience. When I was going through their website, I loved practically every shirt I saw. I didn't choose every single shirt I loved from the Delia's website to post, but I chose some of my favorites. Enjoy!
Even though it is just a plain
t-shirt, I love Hogwarts, and I
could see myself wearing this
everywhere on a day to day basis.

This anchor shirt is one of my
favorites. I absolutely love how
it is a perfect balance between
nautical and casual.

This lace shirt is absolutely gorg.
I love the flower pattern that the lace
makes. This shirt is so delicate and
I want it so bad!

I love this shirt because of it's
versatility. I could see myself
wearing it out to dinner with a
nice pair of pants, hanging out with
friends with short shorts or at the
beach being used as a cover up!
I have to say, I LOVE the Avengers.
When I saw this tank top, I freaked out!
Its the perfect shape for the summer too,
light and cropped and loose.

I love this shirt. It is very simple,
and so easy to wear, but the fact that
it is sheer gives it a younger feel.
Naturally, I totally love this shirt
because of my obsession with British
and Australian accents... Need I say more?
This is a total inside joke for
anyone who watches The Big
Bang Theory.... So happy that
show is finally getting the attention
it deserves.
YOLO (you only live once) has
become the new motto for teens.
I love the fact that you can wear it
now to remind yourself that YOLO.
If superheroes existed, I would
only kiss superheroes too... Still
love the idea of this shirt and the
fact that it has the Avengers on it.
Come on. It has a minion from
Despicable Me on it. Do I really
need to explain my love of this shirt
any more than that?

Those are all my favorite t-shirts from Delia's. Be sure to check them out and have a good look at all the awesome clothes they have.
Yours in Fashion,

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