Apres-Ski... The Newest Trend?

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     Flipping through the pages of the Trends mini-mag for the September 2012 issue of W Magazine, apres-ski was listed as a trend. Being an avid skier, I had to do my own research for a post about it. While W listed expensive sweaters, sporty watches, aviators, fur and impossible heels, I decided to take a more realistic approach to the apres-ski trend.
     While skiing, I always always always have Under Armor on. For those who don't know, Under Armor sells these skin-tight pants and shirts to keep your body as warm as possible. Generally, my apres-ski outfit consists of at least one piece of Under Armor, because I wouldn't want to change completely. There are usually 3 different things I would do for apres-ski.

This look is one of my favorites because it is so comfortable
and so easy after a long day of skiing.



I love this look as well because of it's comfort level and because
it looks so cool when you are walking around the lodge after skiing.




I love this look because it is the most comfortable out of all of them.
It's warm, fuzzy, and you look awesome wearing it.

Yours in Fashion,

P.S. The baggy sweater is from American Eagle, the Under Armour is from Under Armour, the sweats are the campus pants from Pink by Victoria's Secret and the tighter sweater is from Delia's.

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