Vogue Magazine, September 2012

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     Just like Cosmopolitan Magazine is the bible for Elle Woods, Vogue is the bible for the fashion industry. Vogue has seen such wonderful editors grace its pages, such as Josephine Redding, Diana Vreeland and current editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. Out of every month, the September issue of Vogue is the one that is the largest and most splendid.  This years issue, with a total of 916 pages, is the biggest issue Vogue has ever seen. And inside this magazine? It's an absolute wonderland for any fashion devotee. Between the ads, the articles and the photos, this single issue of Vogue is my bible for the Fall season.
      The ads. Gorgeous, stunning ads filled with gorgeous stunning models photographed by amazingly talented photographers. The sheer amount of ads is enough to send my brain into overload (a good overload, of course). Among the hundreds of ad campaigns for Fall, my favorites are: Burberry Prorsum, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Bally Switzerland, Jimmy Choo, Valentino and Tommy Hilfiger. A post following about these ad campaigns specifically.
       I found the articles in this issue to be exceptional. I loved The Sense of an Ending by Ann Patchett and Cinema Paradiso by David Hare. The Sense of an Ending struck a chord with me because of how easy it was to relate to it, and how real the author's feelings felt while reading it. That article really rang true in my heart, and I'm sure it did to many other readers who have lost loved pets as well. Cinema Paradiso attracted me for almost the opposite reason. The whole article seemed like a story, made up for  the entertainment of readers. Yet, it wasn't. In this article as well, the author was able to involve the reader; make you seem like you were there with them. The ending of Cinema Paradiso really struck me, because after all these years David Hare still believes Damages was great, no matter what anyone else said about it. Both of these articles proved to me that Vogue is not just a magazine full of ads and designers (which I would love anyway), but a magazine full of insightful articles about topics other than fashion that are written so flawlessly that they drag the reader in.

Enjoy your Vogues, ladies and gentlemen. I know I will!
Yours in Fashion,

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