Finally Went To the Met!

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     Remember how often I used to talk about that exhibit at the Met called "Prada and Schiaparelli: Impossible Conversations"? Well it's closing in just two days (if you haven't seen it, RUN to the Met pronto) and I finally got to see it! I have to say, it exceeded my already high expectations. The exhibit was designed to show all the connections in ideas and design between the work of Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli. Although, throughout the exhibit the visitor was able to see that, though the two fantastic women had many ideas that were aesthetically alike, their inspiration and how they approached the ideas were colossally different. The videos, a simulation of conversations between Prada and Schiaparelli were very well made. After my visit to the museum had come to an end, I found out that Schiaparelli's responses and questions were all things she would have really said. How would that work? The writers went through Elsa Schiaparelli's autobiography to find things she said on the topics to use in the conversations. That way, the conversation would be the closest to what it would've been in real life. Isn't that incredible? I personally cannot get over the ingenuity of this exhibit, and I hope I never do. It was an incredible experience that I never ever want to forget.

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