Stylish Shoes for Winter

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Banish the brown, burn the blue and bury the beige UGGs. Instead, get a bit more stylish with your shoes. Yes, we all know that wearing UGGs feels like walking on clouds. We get it, trust us. UGGs are only needed on the worst winter days when you wear sweats because you just can't function. So this winter, go dig out the winter shoes you wore before UGGs, or treat yourself to a little shopping spree.
Here's some stylish, warm and winter-ready options from Famous Footwear

Boots: Flat

Boots: Heels


Hope you enjoyed! Congrats to anyone who got the Funny Face pun at the beginning. If you haven't seen Funny Face, WATCH IT!
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  1. I LOVE the first ones so much!! WANT THEM!!! Let's go get them this week!

    How about these cuties that I picked up at Eddie Bauer last season - wish I could have figured out a way to post the pic but here is the link:

    They look a bit like the last ones on your Boots:Heels list.


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