Goals for Life

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     In my mind, there are 3 types of goals: academic goals, social goals and future goals. Academic goals are things like acing that hard honors class, or actually studying for every test or not procrastinating on long-term assignments. Social goals are things like seeing friends every week, going to that movie you really want to see or having a party for a holiday. Future goals are the ones I think are the most important. Future goals are what you want to do after school, what college you want to go to, what career you aspire towards and what you want to get done in your life.
      Recently I have been thinking about my personal goals in each section, and I realized that I need to start taking three things more seriously in my life. One is my school grades, because I want A's in every class this year. Second is this blog, because I have learned to love writing and I love having a creative outlet for my love of fashion and I want to be taken seriously. Third is my future. I want to be a fashion designer at this point in my life, but I never go and sew or design and I need to start doing that.
       While I'm sure most of you don't really care about my goals, I hope you see how helpful this is. I am a strong believer in the fact that anything is attainable if you really work for it, and I think making goal lists make the goals more solid and more real. I encourage everyone to try this and I hope it works for everyone as well as it works for me!
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