The Truth About Black Friday

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There are so many lies surrounding Black Friday, and there are so many things that people just don't know. Here are some things I found funny about Black Friday:

1. Black Friday isn't the day with the best sales in stores.
2. Black Friday isn't the most popular shopping day. The most popular day is usually the Saturday before Christmas, or, if Christmas is on a weekend, the Thursday or Friday before.
3. So many people trash Black Friday (just search Black Friday on Twitter for proof), yet so many people still go out.
4. This picture was probably retweeted over a thousand times.

I know this is probably a small fraction of the "interesting" stats about Black Friday, but these are the ones I found that really resonated with me. I mean, how often do people talk badly about Black Friday to wake up at 4 the next morning to get the stuff they want. It's a very confusing part of the American culture.
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