Time for Winter Weather: Tips to Stay Warm

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Winter is coming, and that means it's COOLLLDDDD out! Get ready for the weather with these tips to stay warm.

1. More is More

The more layers you have on, the warmer you will be.

2. Tights, Leggings and Stockings

Instead of letting your legs go bare, wear some pretty or patterned leg-wear under that cool skirt you just HAVE to wear today.

3. What's on the Inside Matters

Buy lined coats. The lining is what makes them warm. Please do.

4. Drink Hot, Be Warm

Now is the right time to quit those iced lattes from Starbucks and convert back over to the hot version. Hot drinks will make you think you are warmer than you are.

5. Just the Right Touch

The past few years, winter accessories have been "out". Now that they are considered back in, but yourself some cute hats, gloves and scarfs to be the perfect (warming) touch to every day's outfit.

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