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I missed you guys!! I know it's been a while, and yes, it is my fault. A combination of laziness and school testing took over my life. Anywayyyy, with the third marking period almost over in school I am getting so so inspired by the new warm weather and everything going on right now.

Lately, I have been really inspired by more boho/Cali grunge looks than my normal preppy/edgy sort of vibe. Keep in mind that when I say grunge I don't mean legitimate grunge, but more of an adaptation of California inspired carefree skater vibe clothes. And with Coachella starting in Palm Springs, I'm so ready to take in all that style and make it my own.

And speaking of Coachella, I am planning to watch for what I think are the best looks and then I'll do a cool post about that.

Also, I'm so psyched because I have a ton of great posts that I want to do. Guess taking a two week break really gives you a chance to get more ideas!!

Finally, I need to do an honorable mention to my new idol. Her full name is Anastasia Karanikolao but her friends all call her Stas. She is gorgeous. STUNNING. And from keeks of Kylie Jenner's that I have watched, she seems amazingly nice as well. Oh yeah, and she's friends with Kylie Jenner. So yeah, nothing more to say about that. Just look at her. :O That is my face every time.

Like OMG. Woah. #CanIPleaseBeHer?
So yeah people. Love you guys and I'll post more soon.

Yours in Fashion,

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