Spring 2013 Mall Haul

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Recently, I went on a large shopping spree at TJ Maxx and Sears. I got so many things that were on my wish list for spring, and I'm so excited to wear them all!


These two crop tops are both Bongo. I love the fact that the one (above) looks like denim, and it's neutral blue/black color makes it easy to layer. The bright pink color and floral pattern of the one below makes a really bold statement, especially paired with the big exposed zipper down the front. 


These shorts are white at the top, and then they have an ombre that turns into a mint green. Both sides of the front are lace as well. These are very very on trend, and they go with so much!

I have been dying for shorts with a floral pattern on them, but I was hesitant to buy shorts that had colorful floral prints because I am not very good at putting patterns together. This white pattern on the denim shorts will make it easier for me, and it's still a step in the right direction.

These have to be my favorite thing I got. They are bright pink, polka dotted, high-waisted shorts. Can you say amazing? This pair of shorts goes with so many of my looser shirts that look a bit off with regular shorts. I highly suggest investing in a pair of high waisted shorts, they look great on everyone.

I bought this peplum top because I felt seriously out of this trend (that I adore, mind you). Although it is hard to see, it has a "V" of lace in both the front and back.

This shirt is everything I think about with summer. The pink and orange, the flowy-ness of the front and the uber comfortable light cotton fabric in the back. The butterfly cut of the bottom gives this shirt a more interesting line than a hem straight across would've.

This shirt is just a navy cotton button up tank. It's simple, but my closet was lacking a shirt that could go with all of my shorts and pants.

This tank top is perfect. I love graphic tanks, but the big images always drown me. Just the words gives me a nice balance. Also, the way you can read "We are forever" or "we are over" is so great. It's also very amusing to see people trying to figure out what FRE is (which I did as well).

These are FANTASTIC. They are leggings with pleather strips down the outside hems and trapezoid blocks of pleather in the middle. They are perfect for making me feel like the edgy girl I am not.

 The color didn't come out well, but these jeggings are a seafoam green color. I was lacking pastel jeans for summer, so I think this was a really good choice. The color is very summery, and very "in" now.

This sweater is long and very loose, but it's light. I have decided to call it my summer sweater. It looks great paired with both shorts and sundresses. This is a great alternative for the light cardigan that most people find using for cooler summer/spring nights.

Yours in Fashion.

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