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   Everyone should do internships. There are no losses in doing one, only gains; you gain connections and experience. In the beginning of fashion week this September, I had the wonderful opportunity to do a week-long internship at the fashion brand Giulietta
   For those of you who might be curious, I wrote up my resume and cover letters and I sent them to either the human resources center, career center, internship center or just the main office of many different brands (see: over 200). If you need experience in the industry, fashion week is the best time to get it. Most brands need extra help, and they will usually take people without previous job or internship experience. *This is just based off of what I've noticed, I'm not an expert.*

   Since I interned for a week, I got to witness all the preparations for the show, from castings to fittings, making the model boards, choosing hair and makeup, deciding on nails and selecting trade.
   My first day in the office, I started out by undoing the model boards from the previous season so the cardboard could be used again for this season's model boards. After the cardboard was re-covered with new paper, I was sent out on a mission uptown to retrieve a new shoe pattern and a new pants pattern. I brought them back to the office, and was surprised to learn that I would be re-stitching sequins on a jacket from the Fall 2013 collection. That one. Underneath this. All the little black things are said sequins. Needless to say, the project took a while, but I have honestly never been prouder than when I finished that jacket and everyone in the office said it looked great.

   The next day I traveled to the dry cleaners to pick up a jumpsuit and a skirt that were supposed to be ready. The skirt still had stains, so I just took the jumpsuit to bring to the PR company. After handing it off there, one of the interns chased after me, handed me the jumpsuit back, pointed out the missing bow, and suggested that I find it very quickly. To say that I was freaking out would be an understatement. Luckily, I was able to go back to the cleaners, and get my hands on the mysterious bow (which was at a different location about 15 minutes away) to bring it back to the PR company. 
    After that we had castings, so I dressed and undressed the models, take and print the pictures of the looks, and helped the models choose trade as their payment. The next few days was a blur of fittings and models and planning for the show.
   The day of the show, I got to the Highline Hotel at 11am to help prep. First, we put together gift baskets for the attendees, containing a list of the looks in the show, some nail polish, mascara, lipstick, and hair gel. Then I went on model duty, making sure those getting their hair or makeup done had enough food and water. When the show started, I was changing one of the models into her second look. It was really successful, and I absolutely loved the collection. You can see the whole thing here.
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Yours in Internships,

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