Ruffian Spring 2014 Runway Show

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I went to the Ruffian Spring 2014 runway show, and let me tell you, it knocked my socks off. I went into the show knowing nothing about the brand or their designs, and I ended up absolutely loving it!
If you want to see the designs closer up, go to the Ruffian website here.

The colors, occasional floral patterns and the high necklines gave the collection a very preppy feel, while the mini skirts, occasional leather and interesting fabrics gave it all the edginess it needed. Personally, I thought the collection was very relatable to my own age group, when you feel you have to decide between being preppier or edgier, between covering up or showing more skin. This collection gave a very good balance of both, and I could see myself wearing practically every piece shown.

My favorite piece was the black and white checkered cotton boucle dress towards the end. I thought the boxier silhouette was in perfect proportion with the short length and the thickness of the sleeves.

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