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Erin Fetherston

Designer Background
Erin Fetherston has shown her collection at New York Fashion since she moved to New York in 2007. She was a finalist for the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2007 as well. In 2009, Erin Fetherston was officially inducted as a member of the CFDA.

Erin Fetherston was inspired this season by the Barbizon Hotel. The Barbizon was part hotel and part charm school, and many aspiring actresses lived there for some time, including Grace Kelly and Edith Beale. Fetherston used her collection to evoke the same feeling that the Barbizon did in young women, saying "A charmed life awaits, we only need to dress the part." The silhouettes and fabrics of the collection were inspired by Camelot-era styles, including jacquards, velvets and laces.

Fall/Winter 2014 Photos

While this isn't the whole collection, but it is the majority of it. It was practically impossible to choose the ones I did to not show. From the makeup to the hair to the fabrics to the silhouettes to the shoes, this collection was perfect. In each and every look, the representation of the elegance and femininity of the late 1940s and 1950s is clear. The looks are appealing for the typical girl today, and they are perfectly sophisticated and modern at the same time- a hard task to accomplish to this degree.
Images via Erin Fetherston


Charlotte Ronson

Designer Background
Charlotte Ronson started her collection in 2004 as C. Ronson. It has since switched names to Charlotte Ronson, and she has had many interesting collaborations, such as ones with Uniqlo and Urban Outfitters. She has dresses celebrities such as Blake Lively, Kate Moss, and Nicole Richie.

The collection this season was inspired by Little Lord Fauntleroy. After looking the book up, I discovered that it was a children's novel about a young New York City boy, Cedric, finding out he is to inherit a lot after his father dies, and become an Earl. His grandfather, the current Earl, plans to teach Cedric about how to be an Earl, but instead Cedric teaches the Earl to be kind and compassionate towards his people. The clothing in the book set a new precedent for the middle class, as they described little Cedric as wearing a black velvet suit with a lace collar. These clothing descriptions must be what influenced the Charlotte Ronson collection, not the story line itself.

Fall/Winter 2014 Photos

To be entirely honest, I didn't really like this collection. After reading through a few pages worth of summaries about Little Lord Fauntleroy, I was finally able to understand the inspiration for these looks. However, I thought that the patterns- the large rose and the paisley- were outdated, and simply not very appealing when they were made into clothing. There were a few looks I did like, like the long black lace dress and the black crop top with the midi skirt. Those were both on-point for the trend forecasts this fall. The other looks were a bit lacking. I think a big problem for me personally was the fit and length of many of the dresses, skirts and the jumpsuit. Most dresses, specifically the two floral dresses, looked like they did not fit the model well, being baggy in the shoulders and the waist. It is very hard to make a model look bad, and unfortunately this happened at Charlotte Ronson this season. I was disappointed in the collection, it is very abnormal for Charlotte Ronson to be so off. Hopefully next season will be better.
Images via Charlotte Ronson by Dan Lecca


Alon Livne

Designer Background
Alon Livne interned at Alexander McQueen in London, then started out working as an Evening and Couture designer for Roberto Cavalli (at the age of 22). When Livne left to start his namesake brand, he competed on the Israeli "Project Runway", winning first prize. He does many celebrity designs, and has worked with Beyonce and Lady Gaga in the past.

The Alon Livne FW14 collection was inspired by imperialism in Morocco, which occurred in the early 1900's. Morocco was imperialized by France, and the collection has clear influences of both native Moroccan culture and French culture.

His muse was a daughter of international royalty traveling to Morocco and slowly discovering her identity throughout her development into adulthood.

Fall/Winter 2014 Photos

After seeing this whole collection, I imagined a world in which I would have place to wear these gowns. I respect the color choices for the collection, which are very regal, but also show the richness that is common in African cultures. The beading, jewelry and headwear was a bit of a throwback to the early 1900's, in the nicest way possible. The designer stayed true to his Moroccan inspiration in these details, proving that the collection was executed to the fullest extent.
Images via Alon Livne by Dan Lecca



Designer Background
Saunder, designed by Emily Saunders, is a reflection of her experiences, travels and inspirations, all combined with influences of her hometown, New York City. Saunder is a contemporary ready-to-wear collection, that is produced entirely in the Garment District of Manhattan.

The inspiration for this collection came from a combination of the film noir era and the aesthetics of the 1980's. The silhouettes are influences by film fatale and the patterns reference the 1980's.

Fall/Winter 2014 Photos

Emily Saunders has achieved the impossible. Smoking jackets are full outfits. A fur jacket is proportional in an outfit. Sequins are casual. The men's shirt silhouette is finally a successful dress. Basically, she is the answer to all my prayers. I really appreciate the shoes in the collection, and the fact that she wasn't afraid to add a pop of color with the occasional pink shoe. These looks allow a transition from the mild September weather to the freezing months of January and February, something that isn't normally seen in ready-to-wear collections. The fact that all of this is designed, produced, and manufactured in New York City only increases my respect for the brand.


Hernan Lander

Designer Background
Hernan Lander first studied design at Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic, where he won the Gold and Silver Thimble Awards. Included in those awards, he received a full scholarship to Parsons. At Parsons, he won the Silver Thimble for menswear before his junior year. Throughout his final years at Parsons he worked for many different high-profile designers, won First Place in the Nordstrom Competition and was a finalist in the Gap design competition. In his senior year, Lander was nominated for Designer of the Year and won the Gold Thimble for menswear. After graduation Lander worked for Donna Karan until he decided to start his own brand, which two years later gave Lander the title of "Breakout Designer of the Year" by TimeOut.

Hernan Lander drew his inspiration for this collection from architecture, as well as simple materials. He also showed his affinity for menswear- where he started- in the designs of coats and jackets throughout the collection.

Fall/Winter 2014 Photos

Architecture isn't an easy thing to be inspired by, just off the basis that it's not very easy to translate the lines and slopes of buildings into clothing without them seeming unwearable. Hernan Lander showed the inspiration in the details: cutouts, asymmetrical hems, patterns, fabric/color blocking, silhouettes and strong shoulders. These points of emphasis showed the curved and the straight, the symmetrical and the asymmetrical, all which exist in both architecture and the collection.
Images via Hernan Lander by Dan Lecca


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