Perfect Valentines Day Outfits- For Any Occasion

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Three options, each perfect for one form of Valentines Day.

Movie Night
aka the way I am spending Valentines Day. It has nothing to do with being single and everything to do with protesting the completely commercial holiday. Nothing better than comfy clothes and some food and movies to spend a friday night.

Girls Night
Going out with your friends, whether its to grab food, go to a show or watch a corny movie, is a great way to spend Valentines Day. I went with an all black ensemble, just because I really like all black during the winter months. It's classy and mysterious. Add cute jewelry to spruce it up, and you're ready to go.

Date Night
If you do have a Valentines Day date, good for you. A cute skirt and shirt combo shows that you want to impress, but you aren't trying too hard either. Simple jewelry and makeup will wrap up the look and show your true beauty. <3 fun="" have="" p="">
Have fun tonight everyone, and Happy Valentines Day!


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