NYFW Necessities

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NYFW Prep List

Yes, two mascaras. I like the Maybelline Rocket Volume for my top lashes, and the small brush on the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara for my bottom lashes.

The BB Cream from Maybelline as well is very light and airy but it moisturizes and covers small blemishes and discoloration which I used to use concealer or foundation to cover.

Eos. Oh, eos. I used to stink at putting on lip balm, and my lips would get so chapped, and now I can't stop using them! The mint is my personal favorite flavor.

For winter, I'm obsessed with dark red nail polishes. I prefer Essie over other nail polish brands because it tends to last longer without chipping on my nails.

A beanie, because it's cold and the ears are adorable. Disclaimer: I don't actually own this PacSun hat, but now I am considering getting it.

An infinity scarf, because it's cold and it's easy to wear.

Gloves, because it's cold.

Combat boots, because as pretty as heels are, there is no way I can gracefully walk in the snow in heels.

Gold stud earrings, because I tend to get bigger earrings stuck on said scarves.

This Uniqlo jacket, while it isn't very trendy at all, has been a lifesaver as it is very soft and fluffy, and will be very convenient for throwing over my outfits while running around in between shows.

I will be the first to admit I would be no where without my technology.

Being that my iPhone battery stinks, my Mophie battery case is cute, and it provides a full charge and a half for my phone after it dies.

Also, I'm doing most of my blogging during fashion week off my iPad. Understandable, considering it's a few pounds lighter than my laptop.

Any other bloggers out there, what do you always have on you for fashion week? 
All you fantastic readers, is there anything you think I should have that I missed?



  1. You got it everything right!!! Nice choices!!
    Even I can never do without my Tablet and cell phone..

    Mmmmmmm.....What about outfits????

    1. I was sticking to my typical winter outfit of a bulky sweater, skinny pants (black, or another dark color), and my heeled boots. Keeps me warm, and looks cute!


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