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You all might hate me for this post. The side of me that wants a blanket and pillow with her at all times already hates me. Let's be honest, this has to be done. You know it, I know it, we all know it. So here goes:

This is a public service announcement for all teenage girls. Now is the time to stop wearing leggings! Yes, now. Right now. Leggings have completely taken over the wardrobe of most teenage girls, and we understand that there is a reason for that. They are effortlessly comfortable and you can choose anything from basic black to crazy galaxy prints. Let me just inform you that there are other options. There is still hope. If you don't feel that jeans are comfortable enough, let me introduce you to two new types of pants in stores this season. First is the wide legged pant, which gives you room to move while being made out of a usually silky and soft material. It's versatile, but even I will admit that it doesn't work on all types of people. If it does work on you, please take the plunge for people like me who can't wear wide legged pant and rock them 24/7. Second, there is the option of the loose-fitting yet still insanely attractive jogging style pant. Tighter at the bottom of the legs and looser at the hips, with an elastic waistband and soft material, these pants look very nice while feeling extremely similar to sweatpants. Remember the next time you grab a pair of leggings that there are other options out there for you, and that we want to help. You can get past this, and move in to greener pastures (and better pants). 

Will you be branching out this season to other pairs of pants besides leggings? Which ones?


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