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It's hard to find backpacks these days that fit all my needs. Style, lightweight, big enough (but not too big) and of course, not insanely expensive. As a high school student, my backpacks take a lot of wear and tear throughout the year, with the heavy books they carry and being dropped on the ground before every class. I scoured the web for bags that I think are both stylish and could actually fit real books, and here are the results.
H: 16"
W: 15"
D: 5"

H: 15.25"
W: 13.25"
D: 6.25"

H: 11.75"
W: 15.75"
H: 16.7"
W: 13"
D: 8.5"

H: 42cm
W: 33cm

H- 44cm
W- 33cm
H: 31cm
W: 26cm

Erickson Beamon x LeSportsac
H: 11"
W: 10"
D: 5"
This Erickson Beamon x LeSportsac collaboration hasn't dropped in stores yet and won't until sometime in October. This might be helpful if you're trying to hold on to that old backpack but you know it's not going to make it the whole year. Maybe put it on your Christmas list?

All these backpacks are fantastic in my opinion, and I tried to represent a lot of different styles to match up good backpack ideas for everyone. Hopefully, each of you found one you love (even if you have to wait a few months to get it!).

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