Travel Necessities

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Whenever I go on a trip, I carry a small bag filled with things I need to keep me occupied. I'm sure you all have those too, I call them either my car bag or my plane bag depending on the method of travel that I'm going to be using. While some things may change, most items in my bag remain steadfastly the same, and I wanted to share those items with you. 

1) iPad
Having a larger screen, more storage space, and a bigger keyboard area, I often use my iPad to do work on Google Docs with documents I saved for use offline. Quite often, I just end up listening to music and playing solitaire, but it's the thought that counts right?

2) Mastiha Gum
I just recently discovered Mastiha gum, and let me tell you, you're missing out if you haven't had it. Mastiha gum has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, and it comes from the resin of a tree in Greece. It's super healthy, as I just mentioned, but it also tastes awesome. You know how Christmas trees smell? That's what it tastes like. 
(Buy it online here)

3) Mophie Case
As my iPhone battery continues to go through a slow and painful death, the Mophie case is my saving grace. If you don't know, the Mophie Case holds a charge and so when your phone dies it has between 1-2 additional battery charges worth of energy stored for use whenever you want. While Mophie was my brand of choice, I've heard many good things about the other brands of phone charger cases out there, and I think that any type is a good choice when it ends up being a huge help.

4) Sunglasses
I grew up wearing sunglasses 24/7 so this one is a given for me. Every person's face shape is different, and I think that it's extremely important to find a pair that fits your face and is versatile enough to wear every day with every outfit. Just remember before you opt out of wearing sunglasses next time- those squints today will be wrinkles in ten years. (scary right?)

5) Vogue
Any magazine really works in this case, but Vogue happens to be my drug of choice. It also happens to be the industry bible, so it's quite important. When traveling, especially if you aren't a fan of long books, getting a magazine with substantial articles can be both entertaining and a good way to spend time where it is abundant and you don't have anything else to do. 

6) Notebook and Pens
I'm of the opinion that ideas can strike you anywhere and you should always write it down, whether you think it's a good idea or a bad idea. Coming back to it later, it gives you the opportunity to think back on your ideas as well as reflect on your thought process. I'm a bit nostalgic in the sense that sometimes I just like doodling or writing on physical paper rather than in a word document, which seems to be the new norm in this internet-crazed world. If you're like me, grab a little pocket sized notebook to carry along with you on your latest adventure. You won't regret bringing it with. 

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