The World is Creepily Obsessed with Mustaches

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Why does the world love mustaches so much? Why now? What is so appealing about them? And who came up with the idea that they would be at all attractive on clothing?

PacSun Mustaches

Forever 21 Mustaches

Delia's Mustaches

 Now you see what I mean. This honestly creeps me out. What do you all think of the "mustache trend"?

Yours in Fashion,


  1. haha I'm one of those people obsessed with the moustache. I honestly don't know why. I guess that it's so weird and random(like myself) I just couldn't help myself. Would you mind checking out my blog sometime. I'm a teen blogger as well.

  2. your obsessed with them because your a follower. its obviously not that random if they are everywhere. you cant even say why your obsessed, you just are? i think the whole idea is ridiculous.


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